About Us:

The Dreaming Tree Foundation was established in 2009 by Founder Edward Pereira and serves to fulfill a lifelong dream and goal to give back to society by providing access to resources which allows individuals to achieve a life improvement and balance; in hopes that they too will grow to their fullest potential, achieve their dreams and teach others to do the same.

To bring this dream to life, six community and industry leaders have been hand selected as advisors to the foundation, each charged with the duty of selecting their own charitable organization that represents their individual passion of humanitarian service. These leaders have also been asked to look through the lenses of charity in their everyday lives, looking for the opportunity to recommend individuals, families or groups that may have an immediate need of emergency assistance. These opportunities will then be recommended to the foundation for consideration and will represent 25% of all funds distributed for humanitarian and charitable aid. In total, the Dreaming Tree Foundation from its inception has committed to keeping administrative cost at or below 10% of all funds raised by the organization, ensuring that as much funding as possible is delivered to those in need.

Dreaming Team

The Dreaming Team
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